16ah Li-ion $21.25/Cell, 24 cells/box (1-9 boxs )

16ah Li-ion $21.25/Cell, 24 cells/box  (1-9 boxs )
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  • Item #: CP160-365 Cell

  Cells are sold in box of 24. $21.25 per cell and $510 per box. Minimal order amount is $1,500.

  • One of the highest density cells on the market with excellent balance between energy and power
  • Designed for safety and abuse resistance
  • Robust electrode tabs provide assurance against corrosion and offer multiple fastener options
  • Durability and low self-discharge; retains greater than 85% of initial capacity after more than 3,000 cycles at 100% DOD and 30°C
  • Weight is about 430g per cell



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Price $550.00